by Young Toni Delgado, A Next Step

All the colors of the rainbow are sacred and holy…so how come so many of us are in love with the color purple and its many shades of light? Amethyst, Violet, Lilac. My own Grandmother wanted “Un lilita” a light violet dress for her anniversary party. Well, If you love purple and the experiences of purple, you are going to be wild about Mindy Sommers' Dreaming in Color Luman Deck!

Mindy Sommers' Luman deck takes us into a whole new experience of Color, Form and Emotion. Mindy and her inner guidance created a world of vibrant color, splashy form, and exhilarating adventure in these cards. We are taken into our subconscious by the beauty and splendor of her artwork. Using her deck, we are able to open doors to our warehouse of personal history and information.

So many of the traditional Tarot decks rely on a preconceived format of images and symbols. And, as such, many of us feel left out in the cold without a seasoned tarot reader or guide. The deck created through Mindy allows us to work with the energy of the colors, forms and emotions to create our own interpretation and receive a more personal reading.

The first time I worked only with one card to answer a question of some importance. I did it right before bed, so as to get support in sleeping (which I had not been). When I pulled the card meant for me, it was like I “fell” into the card, into a sacred garden full of experience and information. It was wild and wonderful.

Now as I work with the deck---whether I pull one, two or three cards---the information works beautifully with my process work (with Quantum Dynamics, Conscious Lucid Dreaming, Self Hypnosis, Rebirthing, etc.) taking me deep into places of superb healing and understanding. They have been a powerful adjunct to the tools I use to support me in unraveling and revibrating my personal inventory into Light, Love and Energy.

I am looking forward to sharing this deck with my clients. Thank you, Mindy, for the investment of time and energy, for your skill and dedication to healing. And thank you, Glen Sommers, for your loving support and input into the distribution of this great new tool.

For more information on Mindy’s Dreaming in Color Tarot Luman Deck for adults and children, beautiful note cards, bookmarks and gorgeous handmade card bags and other stunning gifts, go to:; 802-287-9098; P.O. Box 74, Poultney, VT 05764