A Child's Dream Deck: teach your children to express emotion using color and imagery.

"These cards are incredible. I used the Child's deck with my children, asking them which card reminded them of Mom and then Dad. What transpired was a huge outpouring of emotions and healing. Thank you, Mindy, and your angels for these blessed works." - Kristen

A deck of twenty-four color-soaked cards to explore with your child
User guide included; beautifully boxed. Each card 3" x 5"
Breakthrough concept, one of a kind tool

A Child's Dream Box Cover

As caregivers to our children, we are charged with the responsibility to empower and guide our children through difficult times. However, we often lack the tools to communicate in a child's world and speak their language.

With this in mind, A Child's Dream was created as a tool to help the parent, teacher, therapist or caregiver communicate with children on their on terms, using beautiful imagery and color as a catalyst of expression.

Although all children will enjoy and benefit from this vibrantly colored deck, this breakthrough tool is particularly useful for children who are traumatized, have focusing difficulties, are genetically challenged or simply dealing with a world that would have them mature a decade before their time.

The A Child's Dream Deck is comprised of twenty-four images, or cards---images taken from the Dreaming in Color™ Deck. (Each card measures 3" by 5"). These represent twenty-four basic emotions or states of mind that reflect the simplified makeup of a child's world and emotional mapping. There is no wording on the cards to distract the child, just a number. These numbers correspond to the provided meanings--meanings which the adult can use as a jumping-off point to interpret the child's reactions to the card images. As the parent, teacher or therapist poses questions to the child, the latter will use the cards to direct the adult through the emotions and states of mind with which they may be wrestling.

May these cards be a useful therapeutic tool that helps you and your child successfully face life's journeys together.

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