Dreaming in Color Luman Deck
by Dead Star

The Dreaming In Color Deck is a fantastic new addition to the world of divination. It has a grace and beauty that is unrivalled by any other deck.

Unlike most tarots and oracles, the Dreaming In Color Deck has a simple elegance that encourages the reader to focus on the message, rather than make up stories with the cards. This is due to the lack of actual pictures and the abundance of colour and design. The fractal-based imagery is very diverse, and their complex yet simplistic patterns deliver subtle yet powerful messages. This is beauty in its natural state and nature in its purest form. The colours have a kind of brilliance that draws the reader in, and the spirals and swoops of the images are what captivates the reader's attention.

The healing powers of this deck are felt immediately, just by gazing upon its images, and the cards are excellent for use in meditation. Each card has a unique feel that fits its keyword so well and delivers its message very effectively.

I have had very intuitive, excellent readings with this deck and would recommend it to anyone; whether you're a fan of abstracts, colours, or flowers, you will love this deck.

Dead Star
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