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Dual Spreads (two cards)

The best readings, the ones richest in insight and information, are achieved by those who are able to see a story in the images, and see the relationships between the cards that appear next to one another. With the Dreaming in Color™ deck, this especially holds true. Instead of assigning rigid meanings to each card position, I invite you to lay out two or three cards and let them tell you a story. This lack of definitive structuring will allow you to free your mind, enabling you to tap into your subconscious, or the divine within you. That is where the information you are seeking quietly resides--just waiting for you to bring it to the surface.

To follow are some sample combination two-card mini-spreads that are designed to give you ideas as to how to discern deeper meanings from the cards. All the following card combinations were chosen at random.

Pay close attention to your instincts and impressions, don't ignore them if they don't jibe perfectly with the given meanings to the cards. The more freedom you give yourself while reading, the more accurate your information will be.


Exploration and Catharsis: Alternative or holistic medicine, seeking ways to heal by non-traditional methods, illness requires a search, possibly requiring a long journey, for relief; also, a total change of life, especially a total change in one's environment, for the purpose of acquiring new--possibly spiritual--knowledge and healing.


Power and Manipulation: Abuse of power, criminal business practices, extreme financial success as the result of unsavory behavior or thievery. In a relationship, representative of Svengali-like behavior, deception and total domination.


Chaos and Nurturing: Challenging and hectic motherhood due to unruly child(ren); attempting to solve problems with love yet lacking discipline may cause serious problems; a gentle reminder that sometimes love needs to be accompanied by strong boundaries and discipline, difficult as this may often be. These cards appearing together remind us that the strongest love is strengthened by making hard decisions that are difficult to implement. In a love relationship, boundaries are necessary to demand respect from one's partner--this is essential for self-respect as well. Not all behavior is acceptable just because we love someone.


Loss and Resentment: Someone is unable or unwilling to let go with regard to the death of a loved one or an abandonment; unfinished business in this regard--regret, guilt, anguish. Whether someone left the scene due to a death or abandoning the relationship, these cards appearing together remind us that moving on with our lives requires acceptance and a letting go of anger, resentment and regret. Otherwise, the pain will continue long after this person has gone and we may be blind to the possibilities of future happiness: when they appear, they won't be recognized or embraced.


Breakthrough and Family: Someone has finally reached an understanding or revelation with an estranged family member or the family in general. This could either be the family finally coming to a place of acceptance after a time of rejection, or it could be the decision of someone to finally disallow a disapproving family to upset them time and time again and cease "going back for more." Whatever the case may be, this is a portent of understanding, acceptance and healing after an unpleasant familial estrangement or argument.