1. Is The Dreaming in Color™ Luman Deck a tarot deck?

No. This 60-card deck is not mapped to tarot, and is not divided into major and minor arcana. Dreaming in Color is also not an oracle deck, which is defined as a deck that foretells the future. Instead, this deck is the first of a brand new genre, The Luman Deck, a breakthrough concept in the realm of self-help, meditative and intuitive tools. This deck is a singular bridge where psychology meets spirit.

This deck has many applications that include, yet are not limited to, divination. These applications include vibrational expansion, color therapy, meditation, journaling, creative visualization, insight and the release of negative energies/behavior patterns as well as helping to develop psychic ability. There is no arcane symbolism or iconography to clutter the messages received, resulting in the freedom which helps the user's higher self and intuition rise to the surface with more ease. Unlike tarot, Dreaming in Color™ does not require years of study, complicated spreads or symbolism decoding to use.

In addition, unlike tarot, The Dreaming in Color™ Deck has no dark or unsettling imagery in it, such as the Devil, Death or the Nine of Swords, for example. We firmly believe that people react much more powerfully to positive, uplifting imagery than they do to "dark" imagery; this results in an easier way to open the channels that access our inner or higher selves, where our true wisdom resides. (Click here to see all of the images that make up the deck). We believe that everyone, whether they have strong spiritual beliefs or not, can use this powerful deck to learn about themselves and others by honing their natural intuitive and/or psychic skills; this allows them the untethered freedom to bring vital guidance and information to the surface.

There is no "wrong way" to use the Dreaming in Color™ Deck. Some people use traditional spreads that one would use with a tarot deck, and that works fine. Others pull a card every morning as message to use to focus on the day ahead. Others meditate with the cards and use them for journaling, writing down their intuitive impressions, bringing guidance from their subconscious or higher selves to the surface for therapeutic use; coming back to the impressions later on for deeper insight. Still others use them for color therapy, and creative visualization to solve a problem or bring illumination and new depth to a situation. Others use them to help rid themselves of negative energy patterns in their lives, allowing the cards to gently point them towards areas they need to concentrate on for their happiness and serenity. This freedom of application, along with the myriad ways this deck can be utilized are one of Dreaming in Color™'s biggest strengths. No training required; no arcane symbols, no iconography add up to a deck that virtually everyone can use with ease.

2. What is a Luman Deck?

A Luman Deck is the first of a brand new genre of decks that use color and form as a catalyst for the user to use for a multitude of applications, both psychological as well as spiritual. The word "Luman" was taken from the Latin words for "Light" (Lumen) and "Angel" (Angelus). The latter is our little nod to the angels who were very instrumental in the creation of the deck, and made it impossible for us to give up on it, even during the times when challenges that seemed insurmountable were frequently tossed our way.

3. Who owns Dreaming in Color?

Dreaming in Color™ is an independent, Vermont-based, sole proprietorship. We are a happily married husband and wife team who is living the dream of running our own business, while providing products that inspire, delight and heal on multiple levels. We are strongly committed to bringing joy and happiness into peoples' lives and this will always be our guiding objective.

Payment and Shipping and Customer Service

1. Why is it so expensive to ship outside the United States?

We have found that unless we use something called a United States Postal Service Global Pack, merchandise shipped outside of the United States can take as long as a month to get to their destinations. In addition, merchandise was lost when we used other modes of shipping.

In many countries, (especially Canada, where US companies seem to have the most problems), customs very often holds up packages, tossing them in a corner until they get around to shipping them. To try to avoid this delay, we have found The Global Pack--a method that has proved to be the best way to send items out of the US, but it is not inexpensive. When you add the packing materials, time, filling out of forms, we are not making any profit on shipping--just covering our costs.

In most cases, Dreaming in Color offers same day shipping. When your order comes in, the order will usually go out the same day unless it comes in after 4PM Eastern Time.

Dreaming in Color will ship anywhere in the world.

2. How can I pay?

We strongly prefer you order online, but if you absolutely must order by telephone, please email us and tell us what the problem is and we will try to help. Dreaming in Color accepts American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and PayPal.

3. What is your return policy?

We do not accept returns unless they are damaged in shipping or they are flawed in some concrete way, like a missing page of a user guide or a missing card in a deck. If that happens, we will correct the problem by either supplying the missing element or sending brand new merchandise, depending upon the nature of the problem.