Welcome to Dreaming in Color™. Here, you will find hauntingly beautiful and inspirational art tools and gifts that enlighten, delight, uplift, soothe and heal.

From self-awareness and psychic enhancement tools to fine art gifts such as keepsake boxes, glass suncatchers, jewelry, coffee mugs and more, you are certain to find unusual, one-of-a-kind artistic and spiritual products that are made by hand. All Dreaming in Color™ products are soaked in vibrant color and feature original award-winning art by Mindy Sommers.

Dreaming in Color™ is home to the highly popular Luman Deck, the only deck of its kind in the world. The Luman Deck is not a tarot deck, and it's not an oracle. It's much more. It's both a psychological tool and a spiritual tool. It uses semi-surreal dreamscape imagery that glows with vibrant color to allow you to access your subconscious and Higher Self.

You may use the Luman Deck for color therapy, divination, journaling, self-awareness and meditation, and the deck has also proven to be successful with those who want to break negative thought patterns that are disruptive to where they want to go in their lives. In fact, the deck is so powerful and multi-faceted it's even used by psychologists and psychiatrists with their patients. Children, too, are particularly drawn to the imagery and this has proven to be invaluable to child therapists who work with developmentally and emotionally challenged children. You may read more about the deck's many applications and its success stories throughout the site.

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