Living Now Magazine, AustraliaBy Living Now Magazine, Australia
December 2005 Issue

The Dreaming in Color Luman Deck allows the imagination to run free with its lush and expansive imagery. Abstract landscapes appear to be laden with symbolic meaning and the vibrant colours evoke emotional responses. These cards encourage you to trust your own intuition rather than relying on external analysis. They do not provide an explanation for situations or experiences but are a powerful tool for bringing what normally lies in the subconscious to the surface.

Sometimes, these cards can transport you into another headspace, as they seemed to recall memories and places visited in your dreams. I loved the intuitive value of these cards. By keeping the text simple and instead allowing the visual imagery to speak, it is up to the individual's own interpretation of what the cards reflect about their life or questions at that time. The colours have a strong healing effect that can be experienced on many levels.