Dreaming in Color Luman Deck Review
by Marc Penfield

I had just shown up at the home of my colleague and friend of many years. As is par for the course, we usually start off our dinner engagements with a little psychic reading.

Since I am an Astrologer first for many years, I will gravitate to the Astrology deck; as I went to grab it, I noticed this magnificent and flamboyant deck sitting beside it.

Curious, I picked it up. My colleague asked if I ever had seen anything like it. "Nope," I replied truthfully. She proceeded to tell me it was a deck recently designed by a friend of hers--Mindy Sommers--and the deck was hot of off of the presses, first print.

I started the reading and asked her to pick whatever number of cards she wanted to start. I will always approach the cards from an astrological perspective; it's an instinctual cue for me while reading. The sitter will pick a number of cards I will read to answer their question, which is the astrological equivalent to the number of cards chosen to answer the question.

Four was the number and the reading began.

I threw out four cards and I was stunned at how easy and clear it was for me to get the information from the one word keys on the cards. I prefer to use cards since my mind is geared towards some sort of structure-like numbers in Astrology, but this deck had no numbers. Yet, the key words on the cards were specific enough to hook into my psychic answers and out the information flew, no muss, no fuss.

I truly enjoyed the cards, and requested a deck right away.

I must confess I prefer my psychic insight to come through quickly and without much focus or straining. I work using intuition and psychic impressions, letting a deck tell me its story, but some decks are far too cluttered for this kind of freedom. With most traditional decks, although I can clairvoyantly receive information, I have to work much harder for it, ploughing through the symbols and clutter. I would much rather use a deck of cards that will open up the mind to psychic information.

The Dreaming in Color deck is just that: an imaginative forum with which I can begin the process that is my daily work. The best part for me is, this deck is vivid enough that after 8 readings a day I won't be bored with it visually. I can't see ever getting bored with this beautiful deck.

Marc Penfield
Professional Astrologer/Psychic
Published writer of over a dozen astrological books