Admist the clutter and clatter of everyday life, and as we deal with the complexities and challenges of being human, we are presented with an endless array of products that seeks to instruct us on how to best experience the gift of living. Dreaming in Color™ is offered to you as a way to help deal with life's sometimes daunting challenges. We do this by offering clear, uncomplicated tools for understanding ourselves as well as the possible consequences of our choices, and by offering beautiful, one of a kind art gifts that are designed to uplift, inspire and delight.

Our pledge is always to provide our customers with atypical quality mechandise delivered in a timely manner, and with the care and commitment that once defined our American customer service culture. Unlike many other enterprises, we won't hide beyond automated phone systems or customer service reps that seem irritated by your very existence. We believe 100% in our products and will do whatever we can to help everyone who asks for it.

We are "New Age" only in that we are new. Unlike many products that dominate and define the "New Age" genre, our products give the user unqualified free rein to use their God-given intuition to find their path and inner wisdom. The Dreaming in Color™ images' impact on each user are uniquely individual; keywords and meanings are only meant to be used as a focus or a jumping off point. We do not intend to tell you how to live your life, nor will we insist we found the "latest and greatest" path to self-fulfillment and mass enlightenment. We also won't, for example, try to convince you that negative or dark imagery isn't really "negative" at all, nor have we chosen to use dark or unsettling imagery in our products. Yet, we believe there is dark in the light, light in the dark, and beauty in it all.

Dreaming in Color™ tools are proving to cross over into the western civilization's realm of the psychological; in other words, these images are also a useful and effective tool for those who don't embrace the metaphysical. We wholeheartedly support and serve these people as well.

As time goes on, we pledge to always keep a vigilant eye open for products and tools that will help everyone find comfort and purpose. We are open to helping artists or creators who have found their calling but are not in a position to manuever in a complex, sometimes dispassionate business world. Even within the world of "New Age", there are human boundaries established to maintain the status quo because this serves a select few. We promise that we will never allow such principles to define our company or impact our intent.

We are all here on earth to experience whatever learning path we have set for ourselves, and whatever we feel our soul's goal of perfection needs to achieve it. But we all need help from time to time. Whether it be from your angels or your closest friends, your business mentor or a complete stranger miraculously appearing when you need it most, someone will be there for you. It will come.

Whether we have lost our way, or need clarification from our inner voice, Dreaming in Color™ would like to help. May you use these tools in good health and spirit.

Glen and Mindy Sommers