Fall Into A Dreamscape of the Subconscious.

Tarot, runes, I Ching, oracles, angel cards, numerology, astrology. No matter what tool we choose, we've shackled our minds with the props, meanings and symbols others have set before us.

Our minds have no pre-defined symbolism embedded within it; there are no stop signs, user manuals or decoders. That's why this powerful deck of cards was specifically designed to work seamlessly with the free-flowing nature of the mind and inner self. Throw away your study books and stop spending years learning about symbolism others have defined for you. With the power of the individual soul in mind, Dreaming in Color™ was meant for immediate use by everyone, no matter what their belief system. And a tool doesn't get any more powerful than that.

Here, there are no angels. No goddesses. No animals. No faeries. No unsettling imagery or mysterious symbolism. Instead, this breakthrough deck is chock full of color-drenched, semi-abstract imagery that is much like a series of snapshots of the places we've all visited in dreams. This singular combination of the real and surreal strongly encourages one's vision to open, and open it does---full throttle.

So whether you're a tarot reader, psychologist, healer, medium, teacher, therapist, parent or just someone who enjoys exploring the power of the mind, this deck was made for each and every one of you. Especially created to let your imagination soar---without someone else rigidly defining what you are perceiving, Dreaming in Color™ provides a platform that places no limit on insight, intuition and imagination. Yours.

The Power of Color
Both modern psychology and the ethereal arts have long acknowledged the proven impact of color and imagery on the human mind in the areas of mood, attitude and emotion. By applying a new concept that uses special visual stimulation to unlock the subconscious mind or Higher Self, the Dreaming in Color™ Luman Deck was created. It's a bridge that is specifically intended to help the user develop their intuitive and psychic abilities through the use of meditative, intuitive and psychological expansion and color-drenched, semi-abstract dreamscape imagery. The ultimate goal is to help people discover information---about their lives and themselves---they can use for a wide array of both spiritual and psychological applications. The artwork on the cards--a colorful mix of the real and surreal--acts as a portal for wisdom to come to the surface.

Removing the Shackles of Predefined Symbolism
We believe that self-enlightenment is at its most powerful when the mind is allowed to explore itself and the world around it without being shackled to predefined symbolism. This free-flowing instrument we call our mind responds the most intensely when it is given unfettered freedom to explore and imagine.

Not Tarot, Not Oracle
Comprised of sixty cards, this is not a tarot deck, as it is not mapped to traditional tarot iconography and format; it is not cluttered with arcane symbolism. This is also not an oracle; "oracle" is a one-dimensional term which, too, does not aptly describe this singular, multi-dimensional tool. Instead, this is a Luman deck; a combination of the Latin words for Light ("Lumen") and Angel ("Angelus"). These cards were not only created for divination, meditation and color therapy, but to support heightened intuition and the release of negative thought patterns and energies. That's why this deck is used not only by tarot readers and mediums, but psychologists, therapists and teachers. Many people from all walks of life are drawn to these images, and the potential for this deck to assist people without spiritual proclivities is limitless.

Psychological Applications
Due to the nature of the imagery, The Dreaming in Color™ Deck works similarly to a Rorschach ink blot; i.e., giving the reader the freedom to reflect and respond with their own imagination and intuition. The academic community agrees, and the deck is now being formally tested at Vermont University at Burlington to ultimately help communication- or emotionally-challenged children. In fact, according to our customers, The Dreaming in Color Deck™ has already been known to open up communication with autistic children.

Spiritual Applications
The imagery in the cards initiates a strong flow between the conscious and subconscious minds, providing access to the Higher Self. Meditating on each image not only brings forth the ability to intuit present and future situations and events, but also allows the reader to absorb the positive, particular energies inherent in each card while releasing the negative ones.

One need not be a tarot master, reader, student or even a believer in the spiritual to get the most out of this deck. In fact, one doesn't even need anything but a willingness to test the power of the mind to successfully use these cards. The images will take you exactly where you need to go, and enhance your natural psychic abilities along the way--abilities that exist within us all, without exception.

Users of this powerful deck--a vibrantly colored bridge between spirit and science--will quickly discover they can attain stunning insight into whatever information they seek to find.

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