Dreaming in Color Luman Deck Review
by Cristina Eisenberg, Managing Editor, Sage Woman Magazine 2005

Sage Woman Magazine, Luman Deck ReviewInspired by visitors to her gallery, who kept commenting on the healing properties of her art, in 2004 Mindy Sommers and her husband Glen created the Dreaming in Color Luman Deck ($19.50), a divinatory tool designed to help people in their search for self-knowledge and healing. Intended to function as a portal to the deeper, inner self, each vibrant card contains a different dreamscape image. I found these images, which looked to me like scenes from the Goddess's garden, to be profoundly soothing and inspiring on many levels. The cards are labeled with words - themes with universal appeal, such as: Learning, Catharsis, Temptation, Power, Forgiveness, Simplicity, and Reaping. They come in a durable keepsake box.

The instruction booklet that accompanies this deck encourages you to begin by doing a one-card spread, by sitting quietly with your selected card and entering it, allowing the scene to draw you in, paying close attention to emotions you experience, as well as insights you receive. Traditional Tarot spreads, such as the Celtic Cross, work equally well with this deck. However, unlike traditional Tarot decks containing images with which most of us are well acquainted, the generality and newness of the beautiful images on this deck enabled me to experience these cards on a deeply intuitive level from the start. The universality of this deck enhances its appeal to people of all spiritual paths and increases its accessibility. The Luman Deck's images, many of which feature rich, jewel-toned floral, water, and sky scenes, may be ideally suited for women.

Other Dreaming in Color products containing evocative images from the Luman Deck include dream note cards, Tarot pouches, bookmarks, tiles, and keepsake boxes. Mindy and Glen Sommers also offer a line of beaded, jewel-toned pouches, all affordably priced. A Child's Dream Deck ($19.50) is an ingenious companion product, designed so that parents and caregivers can help children express their deepest feelings. This simple, yet powerful deck contains numbered images (similar to the images on the Luman Deck) that open the doors to a child's subconscious, inviting her to explore her fantasies, dreams, and fears in a safe context.

I recommend the Dreaming in Color: Luman Deck and its companion, A Child's Dream Deck, as highly useful tools for divination, self-transformation, and personal growth. - Cristina Eisenberg, Managing Editor, Sage Woman Magazine, 2005