Dreaming in Color Luman Deck Review
by Celebrity Psychic and Intuitive Sloan Bella

I was excited as I waited for my Dreaming in Color deck of cards. After over 20 years as a professional psychic/medium, I welcomed the chance to use a deck of cards that was different; it becomes very monotonous to look at the same kinds of cards for years and years. In fact, I am usually bored within an hour of looking at a deck. This is why I almost never use cards to read professionally, that is until I saw this deck. This time, I was compelled to use them immediately in a client reading.

I finally received the deck last Sunday as I checked the mail prior to meeting a business client at a Mexican Restaurant. We both arrived within a minute of one another and sat at a table. I will call her "Stephanie" to protect her privacy.

Stephanie had a anticipatory look on her face and some very structured questions to ask. We ordered drinks as she started to ask me about how she should proceed with her prospective business ventures, and how she was to invest in these ventures financially.

As I threw the cards out, people passing by our table stopped and looked. They were struck by the unusual beauty of the colors and images. Almost everyone who passed our table in the restaurant asked me, "what deck is that?" I was ultimately forced to switch seats so I could focus on Stephanie's reading without further distractions.

I never use a formal spread when working with cards, as this distracts me from psychic channeling. These cards were visually exciting to me, which started the process of engaging in ethereal sight. More importantly, I felt no boundaries because these cards would prevent me from getting caught up in too many patterns, scenarios, icons and arcane symbolism. In other words, other peoples' definitive perceptions confine the flow of intuitive insight and hinder natural psychic expression--not just for me, but for all of us. Rebellious by nature, I prefer my own ideas instead of being tethered to another's symbolism and mappings. This is a deck that truly allows freedom of expression. Spiritually, a comforting, nurturing thought form is needed by the reader and these cards are very soothing and comforting to view and handle. Even the "negative" cards are full of beauty, something I particularly love about this deck. I never liked "scary" tarot imagery because I never believed the darker side of life needs to be represented by dark and unsettling images. It is beauty that opens up one's perceptions and personal power, not gloom or ugliness.

I shuffled to let the cards "jump out". (Cards always fly and drop on the floor when I am reading). If I focus too much on card placement, it takes away from information. As Stephanie talked, I continued to shuffle and throw out cards. Out came several darker ones. What struck me immediately was the colors and their connection to the answers I was receiving psychically.

I felt Stephanie would be involved in a business deal that would foster deception and at that moment the darkest cards of the deck flew out: Foreboding, Loss, Journey. But then Love appeared. Interesting that in the middle of a definite message of deception, Love would turn up. To me, this was key in the reading as it was an "odd man out" and didn't seem to follow suit with the other cards. So that's what I honed in on.

I began to pick up information about the business deal, an agreement that was between Stephanie and someone she loved as a family member, a woman she worked with and spent holidays with. The cards were illustrating my concern for her due to her overly enthusiastic pursuit of this business venture. In truth, I felt Stephanie was trying to fulfill a need to be connected with this woman and hoped she could use this business to intensify the friendship. Not a good reason to go into business with someone. I began to describe to Stephanie how I felt, and watched her facial expressions as they quickly changed from surprise to sadness and even a little shame. Crying lightly, she admitted that she was very lonely and used the workplace to form personal bonds and friendships that ultimately disappointed her and left her vulnerable to deception. As we spoke, she came to understand how she was confusing the two areas of her life---personal and career---in an unhealthy way.

As far as this situation was concerned, I saw an unpleasant outcome. However, the cards' colors--especially the dark to bright contrasts--illustrated the positive possibilities that were waiting to be explored if she could only get past the ill-advised need to combine her personal and business life for reasons based on loneliness and fear.

With these cards, I wasn't overly focused on words but more on colors--and what those colors meant to me. Sometimes the cards "flew out" specific to a certain word in the sentence and that is how I responded and connected the answers. Throughout the reading, the cards were consistently expressive and intuitive, melding seamlessly with the psychic information I was getting.

This deck is a wonderful and visionary door into the mind, attracting certain energetic reception that enables us to explore a certain form of thought. This is the kind of vehicle that opens the door to psychic insight and development.

I highly recommend these powerful cards for those who want to open up their own psychic channels. They will find this deck a hauntingly beautiful yet unobtrusive teacher that will allow the information sought to come through cleanly.

Sloan Bella