Dreaming in Color Luman Deck Review
by Reverend Doctor Sandra Gaskin, Spirit Works

Sandra Gaskin, Editor in Chief, Spirit Works
Seldom do I review material for our website that is so stunningly beautiful, it causes me to stop and simply take it in. The paintings on the tarot deck did just that. 60 soul-stirring cards that beg to be held, viewed, and, most of all, used.

Glen and Mindy Sommers began their young company after they felt a healing energy coming from Mindy’s artwork. And the energy exudes from the deck, as one handles it.

I have been a fan of Tarot for many years, using it as a tool for meditation as well as guidance. I was pleased to see that this deck came with a manual that stated, “..this powerful deck of cards was specifically designed to work seamlessly with the free-flowing nature of the mind and inner self.” There would be no ‘right or wrong’ or manmade limitations...only what your intuitive self gave you. And it works.

I have many issues going on in my life right now, and I eagerly prayed over the cards, thought about my issues as I shuffled the cards, and then worked the spread. It was the perfect answer to what was concerning me! All through lovely artwork and simple words.

Your imagination and inner creativity are given full reign when you use this deck.

The Sommers' have also created a children’s dream deck, called A Child’s Dream. This deck contains 24 cards that represent the basic emotions of a child’s world. Created to be worked with parent and child together, it has the potential to be a wonderful therapeutic tool for getting through an emotional state of mind.

Beyond the two decks, Dreaming in Color also offers exquisite handmade tarot pouches, giving an honor and respect to the storing of your deck of cards. Some of the soft and attractive pouches are made of 100% cotton, decorated with pretty beads & a tie closure, others are ½ velvet and ½ sheer organza, your choice of patterns. Dreamcards are also available...5" X 7" plush satin matte greeting cards with envelopes. Art Bookmarks featuring the lovely artwork of Ms Sommers are also offered. And a screensaver disc is for sale, which blends one art scene into another.

Let your imagination go wild... Check out what’s available and order via their website. I know you will be pleased by everything you see on this great website. I plan on doing a lot of Christmas shopping there, myself. Happy Spiritual experiences, Reverend Doctor Sandra Gaskin, Spirit Works