These are authentic, non-solicited testimonials. Some have been edited for spelling, grammar and brevity.

"I used these Dreaming In Color cards, first, on myself, and then my husband. I would do it first thing in the morning, before the cares of the day had an opportunity to begin their assault on the freshness!

"I would select three (face up) for "what is at work right now," do my meditation, then select four more (face down) for what I needed to be aware of or watch out for during the rest of the day. They are remarkable in their insightfulness. Once I saw how effective they were in my own life, I began introducing them to my numerous patients, at the start and finish of our counseling sessions. I also use the power of candle therapy simultaneously. I would have my client select three cards to see "what is at work right now," have the session, then have them select four more, for information to "take home" with them - things to watch for, and deal with.

"The results have been incredible, as they are receiving the same message and/or information from them that they have been getting from me. My clients are receiving confirmations quickly, and before their very own eyes.

"I am very pleased with these cards, and enjoy them very much, as do my clients. Thank you for creating them, and making them available to the public."

Dr. Barbara Collier
Cardiff By The Sea, CA

"I want to share with you further on my experience with the Deck and you may use the following as testimonial for the DIC website if you wish to do so. This morning, I meditated, made silent my mind and then I asked the deck "what I need to know about my life now". I pulled 3 cards faced up and 2 faced down. When I read the interpretation for the first card, I thought to myself, "okay, this sounds right". By the time I reached my last two cards which were face down, I was speechless. How did it know? How could it describe my situation so clearly and accurately? I have used services offered by some tarot and psychic readers over the past few years. None of them. I mean none so far, have been able to connect with me so deeply as the deck has. I mean, some of the readers were good, but they were unable to detect as deeply the messages my soul energy has for me. Whereas with the Luman Deck, I am totally impressed. It is really a one-of-a-kind communication tool we can use to communicate with our inner selves. Thank you for designing and developing such a wonderful gift." C. Tay, Singapore

"I just wanted you to know that I received my deck and love it. I have given 3 readings with them and each person said it was amazing. Wednesday is payday for me and I am going to buy 3 more decks for Christmas presents. 2 of the decks will be going to England. Again, thank you so much." -Dorothy, US

"You have a beautiful, inspiring and nurturing deck. I love it. I love your work! My readings so far have been very intuitive. Thank you!" -Joyce, US

"I love the concept/artwork you have created for this divination deck - It find it astoundingly beautiful - and is truly wonderful! One of the most beautiful approaches I've ever seen & I've researched a variety of others....I feel the artwork you have created/presented - is truly stunning & divinely inspired....Thank You!....Blessings, Love & Light!" -Karen, US

"What a fabulously beautiful set of cards. And so very accurate I also need to tell you. My friend and I are amazed, and grateful at the accuracy of your cards. Thank you so much for creating these. Many Blessings for much Peace, Joy, Love and Light to you Always..." -Diane, US

"I tried your art meditation cards for the first time today and it was like my inner voice was given the opportunity to speak. Simply amazing! I asked three different questions and was given such incredible insight for each that I actually looked around the room for the someone/something that was able to look into the deepest parts of my soul to find the answers. At least that's how I reacted to this experience. Thank you for opening yourself up and sharing this experience with others!" -Jenn, US

"I feel very much in sync with the images of the cards. So much so that while dialoguing with them I actually saw a little peapod. (And that was before ever knowing about your site Peapod Design). Your deck speaks to me on a very etheric level. Like I see doors opening to the sublime. Just seeing them creates all kinds of dances and waltzes of mystical beauty. I am moved to tears by your dreamscapes. Thank you for all your blessed images." -Katherine, US

"Thank you. I am a fledgling artist and tarot reader. I read the cards or draw and listen to music to clear my head. Things happened lately: I was attracted to the twin of my beloved, had trouble with my school, my parents were finally divorced...the usual things. However, I also found new trustworthy friends, increased my drawing abilities, patched things up with the young man whom I thought I'd lost. Then I found your lovely deck. Yours is a piece of beauty, another reminder from God that I still have dreams and hope and faith inside and I had better not let those die. Your cards make sense to my heart. I am forced to think more clearly, to reflect...gently. I will tell my close friend about your site. She will love it as I do. Again, thank you." -Anonymous

"I received your deck a little over a week ago, and I cannot tell you how stunning it is! It knocked me off my feet from the first time I opened the shrinkwrap. I found a bag I had in my little inventory that goes very nicely with the colors of the deck, and the bag with your cards in it went right into my purse. (Only one deck is usually in my purse at one time, by the way. :-) ) Congratulations on such a beautiful deck! It's already in high demand!" -Karen, Love of Tarot, US

"All I can say about your deck is wow, wow, and double wow. I felt immediate resonance with them. They are so much nicer to work with then any of the ‘close ended’ tarot/oracle decks. None of them actually helped me with my work. Most actually hindered my workings to a point that I would not use them to read anyone other then myself. I would read others completely telepathically without the use of any tools. This for the ‘client’ made them somewhat uncomfortable. With these cards I feel that the ‘client’ will feel more comfortable knowing I am using something [a tool] other then just my own gifts. [Most people do not want to know that you can really read their mind and see events in their life. ;o)] I can also use these in my own journey work by meditating with the images and following the ‘path’ they lead me on. Thank you so much for publishing this deck." -Bendithion Afallon, Angela, US

"I just wanted to tell you "Thanks" for this wonderful creation! Simply amazing!" -Angie, US

"Because I usually go for the standard tarot decks, I was surprised when I found a non-traditional deck that really meant something to me. Your cards have beautiful digital artistry. I pull one card a day, and it always seems to give me exactly what I need to work on for the day. The cards pull at you at the same time they help you heal yourself, through meditation and working through your own subconscious. I cannot praise them enough, really. I guess that's why I bought four decks, three to give as gifts! Thank you." -Christie, US

"The cards---first batch---have arrived! They are every bit as extraordinary as they are on your website, and I keep touching them and feeling those energies. Thanks again, and have a lovely Christmas." -Sheila, US

"In 1995 at the age of 48, I was crippled in a horse accident, resulting in major nerve and tissue damage that deteriorated and developed a nerve damage syndrome called RSD/CRPS. I had three surgeries, major physical therapy, months of missed work, etc. I then graduated from wheelchair to cane to being able to walk without aid and work full time. My marriage of 25 years broke up as a result of the accident, so on top of everything else, I struggled with learning independence and putting the pieces back together again. Unfortunately my nerve-damage condition involves chronic pain and resulting depression, poor circulation, limited physical mobility, short-term memory problems and more. Despite pain counseling, I have a hard time with "acceptance." Several weeks ago, became interested in tarot and ordered a starter deck to study. It left me feeling I was heading the wrong direction: I wanted more depth and less tradition, and not strictly a divination tool. Something nagged at me to keep looking. I then saw one of your card faces in a collection of "artistic" decks I found with a Google search and searched no more! I looked at all the random cards on your site and fell in love with the artwork and messages. Every time I'd choose a card for the day, the message was timely and gave me new insights. Every morning before I settle into my work routine, I close my eyes, shuffle the deck until I sense the card to choose. The very first time I did this, one of the cards, Journey, flipped out onto my lap. I knew it was my card for the day. I felt a strong emotional response immediately. Then I read the narrative and experienced a physical "psychic thrill." How very appropriate this card was; not only am I starting a journey of using your cards to bring focus, insight, and encouragement into my daily life, but I am also starting my journey into a new commitment for life to my true soul-mate: I am engaged to him. I keep a list of my daily cards and I see a significant pattern. As I read each narrative and relax my mind to think about them, ideas and insights come tumbling into my head. Your gift is being put to great use in my life! Please realize how many more like me exist out here, or soon will, as news spreads of how well Dreaming in Color works, people who have more deeply connected with themselves and with life and nature through your divinely inspired creations. Mindy, I send you my strongest encouragement to keep going! Thank you." -Lynne E., US

"I got the decks and CD yesterday! All I can say is thank you so much for sharing your vision and your art. The work lives up to every expectation I had, both as an Insight deck and as an art collection. What a blessing that you're in this world. I love how the screensaver looks. Frequently, when the new image begins to fade in underneath the old, it looks like a time lapse shot of foliage growing and blooming! I suspect you may not be rid of me - your work 'Night Clearing' moves me deeply, though it's presently out of my financial reach, and I'll probably be giving you updates on any insights the deck leads me to. I wish you and yours a joyous Yule and holiday season, and peace in all the years to come." -Jeri, US

"Hi Mindy got my deck today and I am blown away...and I don't say that lightly. One of the cards that hit me hard at my first run through the deck was "Awakening." I notice you have that card offered as a bag. I would absolutely love to order that one when the bags become available. When I look through them I feel like my spirit is vibrating and my heart rate speeds up. It's very intense. Have others reported actual body sensations with these? Thank you for these amazing cards! I am very, very pleased!" -Kathie. US

"I just received the Dreaming in Color deck today. What a very interesting deck! It is not tarot indeed, but I had a quick look though and it looks beautiful. I noticed several cards that I thought were very well suited with the emotions they represent. I am quite an emotional person myself and to see these colors connected with the emotions is really interesting. I am glad I bought the deck, I really am. I can use it very well for self-mirroring and determining my own emotions. I understand why Diane wants to review it. You really made a treasure. Btw, apart from being really interesting and beautiful, I think it has also been really nicely executed with a lovely box. All thumbs up!" -Saskia Jansen, Netherlands, Tarot Passages

"The deck arrived today. It is gorgeous. The colors are so vibrant and bright. I can't wait to use it. The bag was gorgeous too and I loved how it had another card image on the back side. Thanks!" - Linda B., Maine, US

"I just wanted to say thank you, I love this deck. Makes my day brighter and helps me meditate on a calm and focused level. Wonderful and beautiful work. I am sure I will be back for another to give away as gifts. Thanks." Cindy Proudfoot, Stichin' Witches, US

"Dear Mindy: I received my three decks, and they are just as gorgeous in person as they are online. Thank you!" -Catherine L., US

"Your artwork is truly amazing and it seems to have a direct effect on the central nervous system just by viewing it. I've watched people looking through the deck and I can visibly watch their energy change. Pretty cool stuff ." - John J. US

"I just wanted to let you know that I received my order A-Okay 2 days after we spoke and I also love my BEAUTIFUL print. I can't wait to frame it!!!! I also wanted to let you know that as soon as I started using the cards I felt my crown open up on top and back of my head and I felt a heaviness around my shoulders. It was quite awesome! I never really quite felt that with the other cards that I use. I used the cards again and I felt the same exact feeling. It's like my head be going crazy with ticklish feathers going accross it. Thank You and Many Blessings To You!!!!" -N. Hall, US

"Over the course of several weeks, I used the deck in daily readings regarding psychosomatic pain I was suffering from. The readings with your cards helped a great deal -- I could actually feel the pain lifting each time I did a reading and meditated on the spread before me. It was a very empowering experience, to be able to use your cards as a system of meditation for healing in this way! Thank you so much for creating and making available such a beautiful and potent deck!" -Jody P., US

"I'm in that chaotic state of midlife crisis and needed to illuminate my consiousness regarding situations and present state(s). After all this time of using the one-card daily readings I think I reached a state of intuitiveness with your cards and messages and could pursue a reading. Not surprisingly, I found the answers I was looking for/needed to understand. With the reading, I am now feeling tranquil and inner peace. This reading clarified that I had a lot of repressed anger (subconscious) which allowed me to see it and bring it to light, which--as your explanation for Anger says--is the way understand and resolve it. THANK YOU. I wanted to let you know I believe it was your generous spirit that helped me get past my blocks. In Appreciation, Love and Light"-Michelle B., Canada

"My pack arrived safe and sound in New Zealand yesterday. Thanks for the prompt, efficient service. The cards are divine, inspired. Just wonderful." -Murray H., New Zealand