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Unlike the Dual and Triad spreads, which lend themselves to more freedom, each card position in the traditional spreads (card one, card two or card three) has a meaning in itself that you use when you interpret the cards. So, for example, if the card meaning is "Obstacle to the Problem," and you drew the "Pettiness" card in that position, the reading would be clear: petty and inconsequential concerns were responsible for preventing the seeker from achieving the goal intended.

Did you know you can make up your own spreads? In other words, you can ascribe your own meanings to the cards before you throw them out for a reading. This holds true for every deck, not just Dreaming in Color. Have some cool 3-card spreads that you like and want to share? Contact us and we will post them here :)

Some three-card draws you can use:

1) Situation 2) Obstacle 3) Outcome

1) Past 2) Present 3) Future

1) Life Purpose 2) Life Challenge 3) Best Tool for success

1) Earthly Goal 2) Intellectual Goal 3) Spiritual Goal

1) Childhood 2) Middle Age 3) Old Age

1) Hopes 2) Fears 3) Outcome