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Triad Spreads (three cards)

The Dreaming in Color™ Triad Spread is similar to the Dual Spread, with the exception of the third card that ties them all together with a deeper and more profound meaning. Here are some sample spreads chosen at random to assist you in learning how to allow the cards to tell you their stories.


Anger/Foreboding/Completion: This spread represents the end of a negative or dysfunctional relationship, one that was never truly what it seemed. The removal of this individual from one's life is a healthy and necessary process. Someone misrepresented him or herself and anger at this deception is justified; in fact, the anger serves an important purpose here, enabling one to discontinue the association before even more damage is done: this turns out to be a wise decision. After a period of inaction or even denial about the true nature of the relationship, there is finally an acknowledgement or recognition of this subtle or blatant abuse and a stop is put to it. All in all, a very positive spread denoting newly-found freedom in this regard.


Nostalgia/Secrets/Competition: Someone is overly self-critical and haunted by his/her past; there is a sense of never having felt good enough or capable enough, fighting only to lose or "fail" once again. But one cannot fight what one cannot see, because this sense of self-failure is the result of "boxing with the invisible"; i.e., an unrealistic, idealized view of self or of another; whatever the case, this is a memory of one who can no longer be competed with. The message here is clear: such self-flagellation is unfair to oneself because it's not a fight anyone can win. Releasing the need to compare oneself to either a younger self or unrealistic memory of another is what is called for when these cards appear. Embracing current relationships and opportunities is a powerful step in that direction.


Depression/Pettiness/Reaping: Here, little problems throw mountainous shadows. Someone is standing in their own sunlight; i.e., causing their own unecessary pain through self-pity, negative thought patterns and the attachment of unfortunate meanings to even the most innocent statements and events. Wondering what people think of us can drive us to distraction, and negative expectations become self-fulfilling prophecies. Consider these cards a gentle reminder that we all sometimes see the world through the dull, filmy glass we've distorted ourselves by our own expectations and preconceived notions, and they aren't necessarily accurate. Relief often comes from a simple mental adjustment.


Gifting/Guilt/Opportunity: One cannot buy freedom from guilt or make amends without true contrition. In an attempt to clear one's conscience, someone is giving either material goods or easy, convenient favors in the hope that this assuages guilt: it won't. Gestures must be pure, not monetary and requiring of some sacrifice for this to be achieved. An opportunity for genuine growth and wisdom comes from recognition of this fact.


Aggression/Forgiveness/Indulgence: Someone who is considered a tower of strength and dependability has softened to the point of self destruction due to the mistaken belief that strength runs counter to love. There can still be strength through charity, softness, forgiveness and love while continuing to maintain one's spine and strength of character--they are not mutually exclusive.